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Corrie Hester

Hester children

When Dr. Martha Parker-Hester and her husband, Dr. Martin Hester heard their then 5-yr-old daughter Corrie complain about leg pains, they were surprised. "She was an all-around pleaser and rarely complained, so we thought it was unusual," says Corrie's mother. Parker-Hester and her husband took Corrie to her pediatrician, Dr. James Stallworth.
At first, Corrie's illness was thought to be a viral infection. She appeared to get better, so three weeks later the family took a vacation to Walt Disney World. When the Hesters noticed how much their daughter was limping, they had a horrible realization. "Martin and I are both physicians, so we realized that Corrie might have cancer," she says.
A bone marrow biopsy revealed that Corrie had acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).  Corrie was treated at the Children's Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Palmetto Health Children's Hospital. "Even though Corrie had a life- threatening illness, she never dreaded going there for treatments. It is a very special place," says Parker-Hester.

Corrie attends Hammond School. She has no evidence of measurable disease and her hospital visits are limited to yearly follow-ups that help better educate her about the disease she conquered.