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Special Care Center

The Palmetto Health Children's Hospital Special Care Center is more than a medical practice, it is a medical home. With our team of experts, there is no issue too small or too big. Your concerns are quickly addressed by our professional staff.

At the Special Care Center, we are more than a center; our team is focused on training, education and the medical needs(TEAM) of your child.

Committed to Success in Training and Education
Since our inception, we wanted something different for our patients. With a strong focus on education, our team of experts train and educate parents on the best way to care for their beloved child.

Medical Expertise
The Special Care Center is concerned with the health and well being of your child.   Whether you are a parent or a caregiver of a child with special needs or even a foster child; we understand your needs and concerns.

Commitment to Excellence
As a NICU graduate, we understand the needs of your child. With our clinical expertise we will serve as a tour guide throughout your experience. For more information or to schedule appointment, please contact us at 803-434-2300.

Palmetto Health Children's Hospital Special Care Center
14 Medical Park, Suite 310
Columbia, SC 29203