Richie Racoon Swimming
About Children's Hospital

Family descending stairs in atrium

The first children's hospital in South Carolina is now the newest! Our state-of-the-art freestanding new hospital combines compassionate medical care with comfortable family-centered spaces, age-appropriate play areas and therapeutic diversions to help reduce stress and encourage healing.

Our mascot, Richie Raccoon, has been here to welcome children from birth through adolescence since Children's Hospital was founded in 1983. Children's Hospital was created through the efforts of a group of 35 pediatricians and hospital leaders and community volunteers. 

Here, you'll find a skilled team of pediatric professionals all located under one roof and sharing one goal — to provide coordinated, compassionate care to South Carolina's children and their families. 

Because children go through many stages of growth and development, their health care needs are very different from those of adults. We have kid-friendly features on every floor and we are dedicated to providing world-class care in an environment designed with children's unique needs in mind.  

Children's Hospital has grown and services have thrived through the efforts of pediatric medical professionals dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children. We have more than 30 medical subspecialties devoted strictly to children. As a major regional pediatric referral center, we care for nearly 80,000 children each year.